Monday, 4 April 2016

Update 2


With 27 family graves in the back garden there are going to be a lot of ghostly appearances.

(why 27?  There are a few extra family graves - Gen 1 - Toby's second wife Rhubarb - Gen 2 - Blakes second wife scarlet - Gen 3 - Lacey's second husband Leon - Gen 4 - Caines wife Apricot and two of their children Kelly and Genie who died in a fire - Gen 6 - Lyric and Melons spouces - Forrest and Lilac)

Toby Ugli (gen 1)

Blake Ugli (gen 2)

Amber Ugli on the left (gen 5) and Summer Ugli (founder gen)

A mass Ugli family congregation
Summer (F gen) - Blake (gen 2) - Lyric (gen 6) - Forrest (gen 6) and Amber (gen 5).

Lyric snubbing his Mother Amber (Ugli)
They did not get on in life.

This is Kelly Ugli (gen 5)  He tragically died in a fire when he was a teenager along with his Mother Apricot and sister Genie.  Kelly was Amber's half brother (gen 5)

Rocky Giggs - married the 3rd gen Ugli heir Lacey

Lemon Ugli (gen 2)
Lemon was Blakes first wife who died in a fire

Lyric Ugli (gen 6)
Lyric is Jazz's Father.

Marshal Swan (gen 5)
Marshal is Millies Father

Cherry Swan (gen 2) and Marshal Swan (gen 5)
Cherry is Marshals Grand Mother

I am always pleased to see this ghost out and about - as I have played further through the generations he does not tend to appear too often these days.
Marty Keaton  (Founder gen)

Marty (founder gen) and Forrest (gen6)

Melon (gen 6)
Melon is Jazz's Mother

The blue ghost is Lilac, who was married to Mellon, Jazz's Mother
Melon and Marty in the rocking chairs.

I found this quite cute
Lyric and Forrest
our first woohooing ghost couple.

For anyone who has not read my 'Ugly Wishes' wishacy - a little back story is needed here to clear up any confusion.
Jazz's Dad Lyric was in a gay relationship and married to Forrest.  His Mother Melon was also in a gay relationship and married to Lilac.  The two gay couples lived together and entered a baby sharing arrangement.  Lyric and Melon had triplets together and Forrest and Lilac had a son together.  
(In story the babies were produced by Artificial Insemination in game the babies were created using NRASS mod pollination.)

The picture that you can see on the bedside table is of Caine Ugli - the 4th generation Ugli heir.  Cain was Lyrics Grandfather.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Update 1

Jazz and Millie are now newly married - not by choice - but luckily they get along like a house on fire with the traits they were born with.

Jazz and Millie were both born into a wishacy's, and I would like to keep them living their life the wishacy way ( it is also the way that I play mostly anyway)   So I will be leaving them to roam about on free will for the most part.

As they are both born in game sims and have lived their lives up to adults - they had accumulated some skills along the way - which I have wiped away so they are starting this with no skills at all.  They both now have the LTW of being surrounded by family.

To help with this little adventure so that I do not have to interfere with them too much - Jazz has been given the fertility treatment lifetime reward and I am using NRASS woohooer mod - autonomous try for a baby turned on.

 As they are both going to be very busy raising a lot of children, they have both now got stay at home jobs which they did actually chose for themselves.

Millie who is a computer wizz is registered as a professional author

and Jazz who has the artistic trait is registered as a professional artist.
(Jazz did start off working at the school, however he wished to quit his job after the first baby arrived, so I granted his wish)

Onto the baby making ...

Millie and Jazz get off to a flying start with twin girls

Eager to find out how these babies are going to turn out, they will all be aged up to toddler virtually straight away.  They will not be getting any baby life (which I have set at only 2 days anyway)

Toddler age is set to 7 days - Child 7 days - Teen 15 days.  Each child will not be given a name but a number, which will help me to keep track of them a lot easier.


One has inherited her Mothers hair and eye colouring.
Her genetics only go back one generation.

Two has inherited her Dad's pink eye colour and her hair colour comes from her Grandmother Melon (Ugli)
Her genetics go back two generations.


Toddler age is 7 days.  Jazz and Millie will be teaching the toddlers all their skills - walking - talking - potty training

They will also be learning their block and zylophone skills, as well as reading a few books which I will be leaving scattered about on the floor.
WHEN I can prize the toddlers away from their annoying IF dolls and if the ghosts don't clean the books away, which I suspect a few of them might do.

Jazz and Millie are both quite attentive parents so they should make this a lot easier for me.

BUT, there are only two children at the moment ... wait until they have a houseful of screaming toddlers, then it might just be a totally different story!!